Apnahotel and Restaurant Pvt. Ltd. is a branch of Apna Group company. It offers well-furnished rooms with attached bath and along with various complimentary services. It is ideal for both, people on holidays and business travelers since it provides many recreational facilities along with excellent Conference and banquet facilities. The magnificent grandeur of the hotel is reflected in the elegantly designed interiors.
The efficient staff of the hotel works round the clock to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Come to experience the inimitable charm of a perfectly balanced holiday.


The rapid expansion and popularity of special events has created many new high-volume and high-visibility food service opportunities. Mobile food vans allow you to take your products directly to your customers to provide healthy and hygienic food. When produced on site, food is always hot and fresh.

Quality Food Service
AHRL custom equipped commercial mobile food vans maintain the product quality and consistency that you demand and your customers expect.When produced on site, food is always hot and fresh.
Promote and maintain brand awareness and corporate identity with custom exterior graphics.
Market Expansion
Mobile food vans are an effective and economical way of testing new markets and sites, introducing new products to the public, or increasing distribution of seasonal products without incurring year round costs.
Dependable Service
AHRL mobile food vans are custom built to serve your individual needs and to insure product quality and consistency.
Commercial materials and equipment are used throughout for a kitchen that is durable and dependable, while meeting health and fire code requirements.We work with you to design and develop the hygienic atmosphere around your menu, your equipment preferences, and the environment in which the food van is to be used.
Century can supply a kitchen that is ready for operation, with all of the equipment and required systems installed and tested.