Power Sector

Apnatech Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a branch of Apna Group company.Electricity has opened up a gamut of possibilities. It is Energy that makes our lives simpler and easier. With its ability to lighten up and touch lives, electricity is at the core of human development. To match with the increased GDP growth rate, power supply in India will need to grow at an even higher pace. Specialist governmental schemes to improve transmission and distribution network across states provide adequate impetus. Holding a large repertoire of expertise - design, engineering, erection, testing and commission of EHV/HV sub-stations and transmission lines, high voltage distribution system (HVDS), feeder separation scheme (FSS) - ACP will plug into the opportunities and enable a brighter world, literally!
We carry out the Tower, DG, shelter, OD BTS bed foundations Fencing and Guard Room works. The steps involved in civil works are Marking, Excavation, and Dressing, PCC, Raft, First Lift, Second Lift and Template fixing. We will also carry out earthing or grounding, internal and external electrical works. External electrical works are Pole to meter box cabling, meter box to AMF and AMF to ACDB cabling, DG Installation and Commission, GI Strip routing, Lightening arrestor installation and commission, Aviation lamp installation and commission, Meter box installation and Testing. Internal electrical works are ACDB installation, Battery, SMPS, Stabilizer and PIU installation and commission, Power Sockets, Bus bars Tube lights installation and testing.

Scope Of Work

Tower fabrication and delivery at site
Site detailed survey and foundation design
Implementation of Tower, Shelter and DG Foundation and other related civil works
Tower Erection and Painting
Earthing System Development for Cell site
Indoor and outdoor electrical work
Obtaining Acceptance Test certificate from end customer

Key projects

Electrifying all villages and habitations - Under RGGVY XI Plan Scheme of district Unnao, Uttar Pradesh
Electrification of Mobile Towers of various companies like Indus & Reliance etc.
Survey of electrification in villages under DPR formation of RGGVY
Erection of 33/11 KV Substation under tehsil seperate Feeder Yojna in Uttar Pradesh
Survey of 33 KV Line of town area under R-APDRP Scheme
Erection of 220/33 KV substation in Nasik, Maharashtra
Erection of 220/33 KV substation in Jabalpur, M.P.